Dedicated Bare-Metal Hosting

eRacks Hosting provides Dedicated Bare-Metal Hosting Solutions in top-tier facilities in San Jose, California. Each customer receives full root access on a leased custom-built dedicated physical server, connected to high-speed Internet lines.


All systems are pre-configured and fully-tested with the customer’s choice of open source operating system. The typical eRacks Hosting customer requires a particular environment that may include something outside of the usual Windows or Red Hat Linux basic configuration offered by most other hosting services. eRacks Hosting offers additional customized software installation, including bare-metal servers, virtual servers (vps), firewall services, as well as incident-based consulting, and ongoing management and service contracts.

Standard Plan

  • Dual-Core System
  • 4GB Memory
  • 1x500GB or 2x320GB Hard Drives
  • Full control, root access
  • 500GB/Mo Bandwidth
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Professional Plan

  • Quad-Core System
  • 8GB Memory
  • 1x3TB or 2x1TB Hard Drives
  • Full control, root access
  • 1000GB/Mo Bandwidth
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Enterprise Plan

  • Dual-Quad-Core / 8-Core System
  • 32GB Memory
  • 3x3TB Hard Drive
  • Full control, root access
  • 1500GB/Mo Bandwidth
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Why eRacks Hosting? eRacks Hosting is a division of eRacks Open Source Systems, a leading open source rackmount server provider. eRacks Hosting has the knowledge, experience, and the facilities to build, configure, and maintain your servers reliably, allowing you to focus on your business. Our team of expert technicians will work with you on an individual basis to meet your requirements.

eRacks Hosting is a division of eRacks Open Source Systems. All eRacks Hosting systems are built and maintained through eRacks Open Source Systems.